About VBCare Network

Helping Grow Value-Based Care Model Better Care, Better Health, Lower Costs

VBCare Network


Our mission is to collaborate with our providers to maximize value-based care revenue and performance through information-driven analysis, insight, and patient and provider engagement enhancement.


To be a cutting-edge, high-performing healthcare network leader and the top choice for providers in the southwest value-based care market.

FQHC Healthcare Partners

  • Canyonlands Healthcare
  • Chiricahua Community Health Centers Inc
  • Desert Senita Community Health Center
  • Marana Healthcare
  • Sun Life Family Health Center
  • Sunset Health

Value-Based Care

The participating FQHCs owned the network operated statewide, serving over 100,000 Health Plan Medicaid enrollees in 2018. We strive to provide value-based care to Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial health plan members. This is accomplished through a network of FQHCs and other preferred providers. We will contract with Arizona health plans and with Federal Medicare for value-based payment arrangements.

VBCare Network

Do you have questions? Well here's some more FAQs:

Organized Network

The participating FQHCs recognize that they cannot participate in a risk-based alternative payment arrangement with health plans individually. However, as an organized network FQHCs, they can leverage their strengths and partner with Arizona’s managed care plans and health insurance companies to improve patient care quality and health outcomes while reducing healthcare costs.

VBCare Network expects to earn value-based payment revenues for its participating providers by supporting new member outreach and engagement, providing actionable performance reports and analysis, and assuring patients with complex healthcare needs receive high-quality, cost-effective person-centered care.

High-Quality Healthcare

VBCare Network’s role is to grow the value-based payment business and assure high-quality healthcare and cost containment for our contracted health plans and payers. This involves:
  • Contracting with and reporting value-based performance to a health plan
  • Contracting and managing the relationship with participating healthcare providers
  • Analyzing claims and clinical data using sophisticated analytical software and statistical tools to determine where there are performance improvement opportunities
  • Developing insight about cost and quality drivers and using that information to initiate performance improvement actions with our participating healthcare providers
  • Developing and implementing performance improvement training programs for participating providers
  • Managing the distribution of value-based payment earnings to participating healthcare providers
  • Developing strategic business plans and financial projections and reporting the same to the Board
  • Developing new lines of business for the organization
  • Processing and storing health plan membership and claims data and healthcare provider clinical data and using data to performance sophisticate analysis on provider performance, care gap analysis, and generating actionable performance reports
  • Ensuring the company meets regulatory and contract requirements of the health plan and public payers